Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie

blueberry cobbler smoothie

Surprise! It’s not green!

It’s not often you’ll find me pushing a smoothie without any leafy greens within, or even a scoop of green powder, but hey, we all deserve a little treat now and then.

This is one of the yummiest recipes you’ll find for a Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie: the perfect post-yoga muscle recovery breakfast. Read more…

Test Drive: Yoga Nidra at Tranquil Space

Why try it: Said to be as refreshing as several hours of sleep. Extremely calming to the mind and body, de-stressing, and excellent preparation for sleep.

How you’ll feel afterwards: Seriously refreshed, as if you’ve had several hours of deep sleep. You’ll continue feeling great the next day: well-rested, calm, and able to face stress with equanimity. Read more…

Spring salad recipes inspiration

Spinach, avocado, mandarin and pomegranate salad

If you’re anything like me, you know you need to increase your consumption of leafy greens and raw vegetables.

But sometimes the creative juices have a hard time flowing when you’re dreaming up something nourishing to eat for dinner, again.

Which is why I’m sharing this freebie e-book of spring salad recipes. Read more…

Hormone Replacement Therapy side effects: is HRT worth the risk?

Samantha Jones: poster child for bioidentical hormones in the Sex and the City 2 movie.

Menopause is a normal physical process. Yet many in the medical community believe it should be medicalised and treated with hormone supplementation to ameliorate its undesirable symptoms.

Unfortunately the consequences of long-term hormone therapy (HRT) are still not well understood. Research indicates it increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, breast cancer and dementia, while alleviating symptoms including hot flushes, low libido, vaginal dryness and insomnia.

I have weighed up the benefits and the risks of HRT, as well as investigated the alternatives to pharmaceutical treatment for improving both the health and quality of life for women undergoing and following menopause.  Read more…