A bit about Healing Rx

Kimba is a journalist, a registered yoga teacher, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and is partway through her studies in naturopathic medicine.


Kimba at Big Bay Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior.

All of this means she approaches health and wellness claims with scientific rigour and a journalist’s skepticism and objectivity.

So when she reviews a juice cleanse or the latest superfood, you can trust that she’s able to cut through the marketing hype to assess its merits on a scientific basis AND that she’s not writing gushing reviews in return for a free product. Strict editorial standards means there is no pay for play. That makes Healing Rx a little different to other sites.

She’s probably tried every cleanse going and knows which ones are worth your time. Her friends call her “Kimbapedia” when it comes to natural medicine. And nobody has a bigger library of health tomes and recipe books.

Remember: Health and wellness topics on this website are for general information only. Please use what you learn here to empower your own research, and discuss your situation with your own healthcare professionals for advice tailored to you.